Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday Motivator: Enliven, Animate and Galvanize

At Raffles City, Singapore. March 2014. 

When I was growing up in my ancestral state of Connecticut I lived on a farm, or estate. It was lot of hard work keeping up with duties and chores of all kinds -and in all kinds of weather! 

Rain, snow, sleet, rain or burning sunshine it all had to be done. 

Don't get me wrong -I'm not complaining. In retrospect what I recall most was that I found an abundance of sagacious attraction, empirical experiences that I found therapeutic. In other words, the activities I engaged in also caused me to come up with some of my best ideas in business, writing, teaching, and so much more.

I've been in Hawaii for the past two weeks housesitting for semi-retired friends who are away for the holidays. They have a gorgeous property in the eastern side of Oahu known as Hawaii Kai. Over the weekend -and for the remaining time that I am here- I have rediscovered the joys of gardening. There is something soothing and the act of gardening. Aside from some aching muscles I acquired this past weekend I've rediscovered that the natural world influences us and our health -both physical and mental. 

When I am in traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms or here in the online corner of the universe, the students and clients I teach or facilitate to are like a garden in some respects. It is a fascinating, fulfilling experience working with diverse learners, for it gives me the opportunity to both observe and participate with those represent a microcosm of our global society. 

As the leader/facilitator of the learning experience a vital part of the job is to inspire others. 

Last week I mentioned one of America's Founders, John Adams of Massachusetts. In one his diary entries dated March 15, 1756 Adams inferred his responsibility as a teacher to enliven and animate his students. He also had a responsibility to model the very kinds of behavior he expected and demanded. Fair enough. 

If you are in a leadership position your behavior must be unrelenting, inspiring and influential. Whether in rains, snow, sleet or burning sunshine your job is to objectively and rigorously model the very values and ideas you seek to galvanize. Be quick with your feedback, kind with your guidance, generous with your rewards and patient with your corrections. Your enterprise will progress forward when all feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment. 

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