Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Motivator: The Matter of Complacency

Welcome to the first “Monday Motivators,” brought to you by The Pacific Learning Consortium

It’s especially true that after a long holiday weekend such as Thanksgiving in the USA we need a little encouragement to get us in gear as the work week commences. 

Over the holiday weekend I was paging through Alan Axelrod’s tome, ‘Revolutionary Management: John Adams on Leadership.Adams, the second President of the United States of America, has furnished many modern leadership coaches with relevant lessons applicable to our professional and personal lives.

Writing under the pseudonym ‘Novanglus’ in 1774-1775, Adams opines that the majority of people are not well-versed in “the affairs of state,” that those same people put themselves and their fate “in the hands where accident has placed them.”

Axelrod points out that Adams regarded his worst enemy as not the British Crown or even Parliament, but rather the matter of complacency. Yet we know that we cannot be complacent or wait for some invisible force to come along and point us in the direction of some abstract promised land.

Not only is it necessary to persuade others that the status quo is unhealthy and destructive, but we have to be genuinely and authentically honest with ourselves about what is not working. Change comes about when we have convinced others that progression is necessary to avoid a status quo that condemns us to mediocrity.

While it is easier said than done, if you are feeling “stuck in the mud” in your career and your personal relationships, it’s up to you to step up to the plate and have that honest inner-conversation with yourself. Once you make that choice other doors will open for you.

Take the risk. Understand, too, that if you stub your toe that it’s not fatal. You learn, and you live for another day!

Jeffrey Bingham Mead is the founder and president of The Pacific Learning Consortium. 

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