Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Profiles: Green Rose Design Studio, Hawaii

Inspiring, well-designed web sites can fuel both passion -and profits.

As such, a serious yet breathtaking web image takes you around the world, and we can think of none better than Heather Wimberly of Green Rose Design.

As the designer of our own web site and a member of the Consortium, Green Rose Design is a boutique studio located in Manoa Valley, Hawaii that specializes in digital graphics, sharp layouts and leading-edge web architecture that accentuates the best in internet production, presentation and delivery.

"I work pretty much alone," says Wimberly. "My daughter Bethany sometimes collaborates with me on projects, as well as other designers and content creators." 

"We also devise, invent and develop customized images, icons and diagrams using bitmap and vector formats."  You can visit her Shutterstock gallery at this link, too.

Some of her clients include us, Aerial Photography Hawaii,  the Hawaii Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, PlanPacific Hawaii, Scenic Hawaii, and others on the studio's Web Design page.

We're recommending Green Rose Design for your web site solutions no matter where you are. Contact Heather Wimberly at this email link today.

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