Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fundraising! Yes, You Must! Workshop Series Starts June1! Sign Up Today!

Fundraising is one of the most daunting processes and activities anyone can imagine -and yet it is the most necessary. 

The Pacific Learning Consortium is offering this encyclopedic workshop series featuring easy-to-understand practical techniques, result-based strategies and approaches, and both lucrative and unfortunate, unsuccessful overtures. Participants will learn how to maneuver through the appeal process more efficiently. 

You'll also learn about the critical role of leadership, understanding donor motivation and building commitment to your organization or cause. 

Meeting the requirements and demands of potential donors is not easy, nor is it intended to be -especially in the realm of social media. That's why an important component of this workshop series focuses on email, websites, Twitter, Facebook, mobile technology and its uses in recruiting donors and best-practices associated with social media. 

Are you a nonprofit member or professional eager to acquire the knowledge you need to successfully fundraise? The Fundraising! Yes, You Must! Workshop Series will help you put a competitive edge on your skills, strategies and ingenuity. 

Go to this link and register online today! The series starts on June 1, 2015! It is offered both online and in face-to-face sessions. 

Cost: US$350 per person. Group discounts available by request. 

If using printed checks please make your check out to The Pacific Learning Consortium. 

Contact us today for registration information and questions at (808) 721-0306 or